How to Destroy Termites Best

29 Jan

Termites are good. They help create a balance in our ecosystems. However, termites also have a dark side, the kind of behavior that no sane human would tolerate. Termites, in their right, are the worst enemy to your wooden foundation. Once these bugs find a way to your basement, they chew on the plank of wood until it becomes dust. If uncontrolled, the insects can destroy your home. That is why you need to terminate the bugs before they end up becoming a nuisance to you and all the neighbors around you.

One approach you can use to destroy termites is through poisoning. Ever since termites crossed the path of humanity, people have created all types of products with the aim of destroying termite colonies. Whereas some approaches have failed, others have succeeded. Presently, insecticides and foams are the most preferred products in the fight against termites. Click here to learn more!

If you do not have access to insecticides and foams, you can turn to baits. For you to increase your chances of being successful, you can poison your bait with some boric acid. Boric acid despite being enticing turns out to be a toxic item, one with the potential of eliminating an entire termite colony. For efficiency, you can set up more of these baits along termite routes to increase your chances of exterminating high numbers of the same.

There is no better way of dealing with the termite menace other than by destroying its food source. Eliminating all wooden mulch near your home exposes the termites to a lot of hurts since they no longer have food to eat. When these termites starve, they die meaning that you have won the battle. You can as well remove rotting stamps from your compound as they too attract termites. For more facts and information about termite treatment, go to

You have to flood the soil if you want to kill the subterranean termite population around your house quickly. Subterranean termites are not good swimmers. For that reason, they drown once the ground gets saturated with water. For maximum impact, you have to identify their breeding ground.

Assuming that you do not have an insecticide or bait at your disposal, you can turn to heat and cold. Science has proven that termites die when exposed to extreme temperatures. Thus, cold and hot water can work the magic if termites get exposed to such conditions for long. 

Finally, you can use nematodes to fight the ever-growing termite population. Since nematodes target termite larvae, they reduce their numbers in equal measure. Therefore, the methods mentioned at Reynolds Pest Managementearlier should help you deal with such destructive bugs.

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